Monday Mindfulness: Week 2- Trust

Today’s Monday Mindfulness is about trust. Whether we are in meditation or the day-to-day parts of our lives, we can find that the emotions that we feel can be our greatest guide, or our greatest critic. How many times have you second guessed a decision, or derided yourself because of an old script, old belief, or something that someone said to you that still sticks with you?

Trust is about letting go of self-judgement and letting go of being harsh with yourself. Sometimes, in meditation, I find that the emotions that come up for me are difficult. They may come attached with old harsh criticisms. Trust in mindfulness is about honoring those feelings. It’s about honoring the part of myself that needs to experience those emotions so that I can let them go. Trust in mindfulness is about taking responsibility for being yourself. It’s about building a foundation of understanding of your own motivations, concerns, emotions, and beliefs. Trust goes back to patience for me. Life moves at it’s own pace, and my own growth takes time. I hope that as you move through your week that you will take time to honor your emotions.