Cole Awdish (Mancos/Durango)


I’m a father to 2 little boys, a husband and cheerleader to my wife, a reluctant cat owner, and an exuberant dog owner. I love to watch good TV shows and movies and ride motorcycles.

I love working to free people from the cumulative burdens of trauma. I love watching adults make positive realizations because of new brain connections. I love helping veterans move past their intense experiences and re-enter their lives. I love working with people to understand the incredible complexities of long-term and ongoing trauma.

My Education & Experience

I attended Southern Adventist University near Chattanooga, TN, for my BS in Psychology. I work with at-risk youth in Tennessee and Colorado. I earned my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University.

I am trained in EMDR and have completed training in attachment-focused EMDR and protocols for recent and ongoing trauma.