Therapy for Attachment, Trauma, and Toxic Stress

We help adults release trauma and emotional pain without overwhelming stress and disconnection.

Our clients struggle as you do. Despite being intelligent, self-aware, and caring, life is hard.

When they first come in, they feel exhausted and overwhelmed. They have trouble saying no and figuring out their own needs. They spend too much time and energy putting others' needs first.

They struggled with anxious, critical thoughts.

The stress, inner judgment, and anxiety took their toll on them. It got in the way of the life they wanted in so many ways. They weren't the friend, partners, or parents they wanted to be. They felt like they were failing at their job, and their confidence tanked.

Before they came to see, they believed that others always came first. They worried they would mess up their children and make the same mistakes their parents made. They were sure their marriage was falling apart. The stress and anxiety was overwhelming.

You deserve to be seen, understood and loved.

A vital, healthy connection is not out of reach. Rest is not out of reach. 

If you want relief from anxiety and judgment, we'd love to help you.