[embed][/embed] Transcript: Our topic today is perfectionism and the paralysis that it brings. Perfectionism is often the fear of disapproval the fear of what others are going to think. When we feel fear of disapproval it can cause us to avoid getting things done. It can paralyze us into not completing our projects. Perfectionism can also cause and come from the insecurities that we feel about ourselves, "what if I'm not good enough?" What if that critical voice in my head says, "it's not enough?" Perfectionism is not allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions. It's not allowing ourselves to interact with that part of life. I disconnect so that I don't feel anything and when people ask me how I'm doing I say, "I'm good I've gone, I'm fine." this has consequences; perfectionism emotional professional personal. It causes us to disconnect from what's important to us; from our values and what we care about. So how do we respond to perfectionism? We show up. We show up, we connect we re-emphasized our values and we show what's important to us. We clarify those things so that they can energize us so that it can connect us to happiness and what we enjoy. We show up with our partners and our loved ones. We be vulnerable even though it's scary, "This really scares me, what if I'm really just for this what if it's not perfect well at least it'll be out there and I'll gain the positive things that I want out of my life." Truly I connect to what is important to me and I show up.Even though my hair may not be perfect even though my face may not be perfect even though I'm tired even though I have insecurities of my own. I show up trusting that it will show me the way forward. As always take a few deep breaths. It's going to be ok. If you need more or want to know more contact me and I would be glad to have this conversation with you.