A Little more Info about Danielle

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A little about me and my approach:

Central to my practice is a commitment to tailoring my approach to meet the unique needs of each individual I work with while drawing consistently from several foundational principles. These include mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), choice theory, and strengths-based approaches. 

Mindfulness forms a cornerstone of my therapeutic philosophy, as I strongly believe in its transformative potential within the healing process. By integrating mindfulness practices with cognitive behavioral techniques, I help clients develop deeper insights into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Together, we explore how these elements intersect and influence their lives. While insight is crucial, true change requires practical application, which is where mindfulness practices play a pivotal role. Throughout our sessions, I guide clients in mindfulness techniques that facilitate the integration of newfound insights into their daily lives. This often involves focusing on their felt emotional experiences rather than becoming entangled in the details of past events, equipping them with skills to manage difficult emotions and enhance their resilience.

Another essential aspect of my approach is a strengths-based perspective. I firmly believe that everyone possesses inherent strengths, even if they are not immediately recognized or fully utilized. I am dedicated to helping clients identify and leverage their strengths effectively. This includes examining behaviors that may initially seem unhelpful but hold underlying strengths, such as turning stubbornness into determination or tenacity. By exploring and redirecting these behaviors, clients can harness their strengths to achieve meaningful personal growth. 

Incorporating choice theory and reality therapy, I empower clients to take ownership of their lives by focusing on what they can control. Together, we explore their goals and values to define what they really want in their lives. We examine the motivations for their behaviors, which are rooted in fundamental human needs. By identifying and breaking negative cycles, clients gain insight into their origins and learn actionable strategies for positive change.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find fulfillment in experiences that enrich my life, such as outdoor adventures, baking, nurturing my beloved dog, crafting, and cherishing time with loved ones. These pursuits are essential to my own well-being and help me have opportunities for fun, learning, joy, and connection. I aim to help clients discover and implement what is essentialto their own wellbeing so that they too may cultivate their own balanced and fulfilling lives. 

In my therapeutic practice, I strive to create a trusting and collaborative environment where clients can embark on their journey of growth, change, and self-discovery. My goal is to support each individual in achieving a state where they feel empowered to find their voice, increase their confidence, and embody their best selves.