3 Reasons Why I Need a Therapist...As a Therapist

Healers often need a taste of their own medicine. Below are some of the ways that I have benefited from going to therapy, and how those things benefit my clients.

I need a therapist because I need to be able to process sitting in the intense emotion that comes up with my clients. I need to know how to deal with it.

 Being a therapist is tough. I listen and hold space for clients as they explore intense and overwhelming emotional topics.

It’s a lot to hold for anyone who is paying attention.

Since I want to be able to be completely present with my clients, I get help in recognizing and understanding my own responses to what I hear in session.

Having my own therapist gives me the outlet that I need to understand something that is hard for traumatized and sensitive people to understand: the difference between what emotions are mine and which belong to other people.

Once I understand what emotions are mine and which belong to another person, I can be more compassionate, effective and skilled.

I need a therapist because it helps me maintain perspective and gain new perspectives. It helps me sharpen my skills.

One of the things that I like so much about therapy is that, regardless of education, therapy is as varied as the people who practice it. 

When I go to see my therapist, I often gain insight and perspective that I hadn’t considered before. I can use this information to have a better understanding of how I can improve as a therapist. 

Therapy helps me sharpen my skills. It helps me understand what it’s like to be on the other side of a reflection and to know how to be more clear with my words and ideas.

I need a therapist because being a client of another therapist makes me a better therapist.

Going to therapy makes me a better therapist. 

I pay more attention to the beginning of the relationship. I listen more at the beginning and save the nuts and bolts stuff (think schedule, diagnosis, finances) for later.

I can empathize and be compassionate about the worry and fear that often comes with a person to therapy.

Whether you are brand new and have never seen a therapist before, or this is your 5th professional; starting therapy is tough. 

Don’t let the anxiety, fear, and avoidance stop you. Book a free consultation to see if I am good fit for you.